My Type…

Kayce had me take a mini personality profile. I’ve done Myers Briggs before, but not for awhile. Pretty funny description if my type, which is INTJ.

INTJs are independent types, wildly intelligent and creative — but rather un-interested in what anyone else is doing. They are often considered the most independent of all the personality types, and they work best when given freedom. They are acutely aware of their own intelligence, as well as what they don’t know, and their passion often lies in conceptualizing ideas and processing complex theories.

And according to buzzfeed, that makes me an octopus… No idea why.

Some famous INTJs…
Stephen Hawking
Bobby Fischer
Dwight D. Eisenhower
C. S. Lewis
General Colin Powell

Fictional INTJs…
Professor Moriarty (and sometimes Sherlock, depending on source…)

I always told Kayce I’d be a good criminal, and apparently, a pretty good wizard.