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Immersive Media's Camera Head

Wanna really freak out your friends and family?  Show them this! 

 Google Maps has finally gotten around to updating most of the country with its street view feature.  So now you can type in just about any address on a public road and you will be able to look around that area just like you were there!  The technology is based on a camera head with 11 digital camera lenses built into it.  In this post on the Wired blog you can see the car and camera that take these amazing pictures.  Google has actually had to cut the resolution of these images due to lawsuits by people who were caught by the Google Car.  There are entire websites dedicated to searching through all the street views and finding the wierd and crazy things that these cars managed to capture.  Some include theives in the act, as well as equipment/software malfunctions that led to what looks like giant holes in space. 

Altogether it is a very impressive technological achievement.  I suggest everyone take some time and check out their neighborhoods, and see you can find.  Oh, I should say that these images are not real time, I would hope most people would realize that, but you never know.  Also, it is funny to see in Clarksville’s images that some of the city was captured during the spring, and some during winter.  Downtown there is snow on the ground, but at my house trees are blooming.

Visit and type in your address to what you can see!

crossloopscreenshotMost of you have probably noticed the “Need Help?” page on my website.  I’m part of a website called  It is a computer training and support site manned by volunteers (paid volunteers).  It has a fantastic desktop sharing tool that allows me (as a helper) to control a clients computer and show them how to do something or to fix a problem they are having.  I’ve recently upped my status to an “active helper” meaning that should respond to any help request within 60 seconds, if I am online.  If you go to you will see an “Available Now” button under my profile.  That means I’m online and should be able to help immediately.  Crossloop is a great service and is growing all the time.  So, if you have need of computer help, or know of someone who does.  Go to and send me a help request, chat with me, or share your screen; and I’ll do my best to help you out, quickly, cheaply, and professionally.

Adam’s Technology Rules #3 & #4

I hope you liked my Rules #1 & #2, now onto #3 & #4. 

Rule #3: Don’t be afraid of it

There is no harm in experimenting.  I’ve learned 90% of what I know from trial and error.  There are only a few things that you can do to completely mess up a computer, or most electronics for that matter.  Just use some common sense.  If you are short on common sense, do what I do…  Google!

Rule #4: If it’s too good to be true

It probably is!  This should fall into that “common sense” category, but I’ve known too many people that loose all their good sense when they turn on a computer.  Advertisers, hackers, spammers, and viruses thrive on the fact that people love to get something for nothing.  As a loose rule, I delete all e-mail that begin with FW:, I never EVER click on banner ads, and I don’t open email attachments that I didn’t request.  Those three things alone will save you alot of headaches.  If you would be suspicious of someone trying to give you a “free” car in a mall, why wouldn’t you be online?  Don’t leave your brain behind when you bootup.

Adam’s Technology Rules #1 & #2

I’m opened up an interesting topic at the end of my last post.  Technology Rules.  I’m sure most of you are wondering what are my personal rules when it comes to techonology.  Maybe not…  Probably not…  But I’m going to tell you anyway.  I was actually wrong about Rule #1, see what it is below.

Rule #1: Always Restart! 

I have found that 99.99% of all problems can be fixed, even if just temporarily, by restarting or rebooting.  My favorite example of this is actually with a TV that had no audio.  It would change channels, and some channels even had what sounded like radio stations playing underneath them, but no TV audio.  I actually forgot this rule, and proceeded to go through all the menus trying to find the setting that was wrong.  I never found it, and eventually decided to unplug the TV and plug it back it.  That did it.  Came back on and worked beautifully.  So as you can see this rule can apply to anything from a Microwave to an iPhone… Restart!  Then call me.

Rule #2: Never Buy First Generation

This rule can be hard to follow…  Case and point the iPhone, Microsoft Windows (any version…), or the Motorolla DVR box that CDE uses for TV service (Clarksville Thing).  When dealing with operating systems its best to wait for the first service pack.  That usually patches the large majority of holes, and fixes the major problems.  I realize it isn’t always possible to do this, but if it is, you will save yourself alot of headaches.  In the case of the iPhone, and most other consumer electronics, if you can wait a generation you can save MONEY!  Pay $500 for a 1st generation iPhone, or pay $200 for the iPhone 3G, which is smaller, faster, and overall better.  You’ll patience will be rewarded.

Stay Tuned for Rules #3 & #4!

Windows 7 quick review

Windows 7 Running Shelby DataBase

Windows 7 Running Shelby DataBase

Most of you might remember a little operating system known as Microsoft Windows Vista…  Well, thankfully, its replacement is currently in Beta testing, and should be released by the end of the year.  Windows 7 has all the bells and whistles of Vista, but seems very fast and fairly light weight.  Despite the fact that the install folder is about twice the size of XP, it will run on a surprising range of hardware.  I installed it on an older laptop we had in the office.  This computer had a 1Ghz Processor and 512MB of RAM.  A pretty bare system by most standards.  I was surprised that it ran Windows 7 at all, much less ran it well.  It was fast, very stable, and did everything I asked of it.  It also detected all the hardware correctly, and I didn’t have to installed any additional drivers.  Pretty amazing. 

I would describe Windows 7 as looking alot like Vista, but running alot like XP Pro.  For those of you who are stuck on Vista, I suggest upgrading later this year when 7 is released.  For those who are on XP Pro, I suggest you wait until the first service pack is released.  Rule #1 in Technology: Never Buy First Generation!